Friday, 9 July 2010

Jay Z joins M.I.A for the's BAAAADDDD!!


Jay Z has added a verse to 'XXXO' the Rusko produced M.I.A HOTTTTTTTTTTT joint.

She's been a baaad b*tch from day....

(Remember when Jay used her 'No-one on the corner had swagger like us' line?)

Peep the original 'XXXO' in my blog from a while back here (I warned you bout this then!!)

Check Jay's lyrics....
"XXXO y'all dress so's not my politically correct flow, it's more like lettin that tech blow"

Speaking to Mistajam on 1X last night, M.I.A said she has a beat she's produced herself for Jigga and definitely plans on working with him more in the future....can't wait !!

Her album '/\/\ /\ Y /\' (yes that's the real 'name') is out for PRE-ORDER now's only £8!!

The album artwork:

Listen to the remix here:

Check out M.I.A's site for more info:

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