Wednesday, 28 July 2010

NEW MUSIC >>>> Teairra Marie ft Mavado 'Coins' >>> Free Download


I feel sorry for this chick, Jay Z singed her up to Def Jam at the same time as Rihanna a few years back....cue the obvious comparisons. As it turns out: RiRi BLEW and Teairra definitely didn't.

She's been pretty quiet since her first album dropped and it's only really now she's making some moves in the biz again.

Her hugely delayed second album 'At That Point' is apparently now not even going to be released at all, instead she is putting out a mixtape to gain some hype and then re-naming and re-recording the sophomore album....

'Coins' is a track featuring Mavado, it's a dancefloor track no doubt, nothing spesh IMO but it's good to see Mavado doing some crossover stuff.....and he is pretty much the best part of the tune

"I got hundred dollar bills, what the deal".....

Listen to it here:


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