Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Funkmaster Flex disses ChriStina Milian.... then apologises!


It all happens in the celeb world of Twitter I can tell ya!

This time it's Funkmaster Flex going in on Christina Milian (like she needs it)....

Last night Funkmaster Flex went on air and made a joke about Dream & C Mili splitting up....

He also put a post on his Twitter, something along the lines of Dream has wrapped it up for C Mili...etc etc (it's now been deleted)

Christina then repsonded via Twitter:

To which he replied:

Now, I respect him for apologising, it was the right thing to do. This poor woman's had a sh*t enough time of it recently without him goin in on her too.

More immature DJs would probs have continued the war just to gain publicity for themselves. Props to Flex for dropping it.

Anyhoo.....anyone remember this? The shoot the then couple did a while back....damn girl....this is one UGLY ASS mo fo.....YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!

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