Friday, 23 July 2010

Usher's ex Tameka blasts Chilli on it LOL


Ever since VH1 aired Usher's 'Behind The Music' (not yet hit the UK) Tameka has had a LOT to get off her chest. Apparently she refused to add comment for the show content, Chilli however DID. She spoke about their love for each other....apparently Usher even said he wanted marriage and kids from Chilli and was ready to settle down, but she wasn't!

Tameka posted this pic of herself on Twitter....Classy right?! NO!

So I guess that means Tameka got herself in the right place at the right time?!

Anyhoo, Bossip have reported that she went on to blast Chilli via her Twitter after the show went out, she quickly deleted her posts but they had already got the screen grabs...DUHH!

Here's the tweet:

Oh love, get over it....for the sake of the CHILDREN if nothing else!!!!

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