Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Young Jeezy... 'All White Everything' vid shots.... peep the Topshop crop top doin the rounds haha


Young Jeezy shot the vid for his new track 'All White Everything' in Atlanta last week.

The styling was imaginative.....not. Yep, you guessed it; all white everything!

Peep the cameo by Trey Songz and also Drummer Boy.....
Plus....can you spot the Topshop crop top that me and my girls had months ago?!

SERIOUSLY.... we should be hired as stylists.... we will be cheap, holla!!! :-)

The top!

Love this fur hooded gilet

Who's the dude in green? Did he not get the dress-code e-mail?!

It's a nice tune, slightly repetitive lyrically, but the beat's niiice ....check it out here (just audio):

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