Tuesday, 20 July 2010

50 cent calls Puffy out on stage in Brazil.... this is funny!


50's goin IN on Diddy and the puffster seems to just be ingoring him (probs a wise decision?)...

So first he went on Shade 45 Radio to call Diddy a b*tch, then he created a petition against Diddy using Biggie's name in his music, now he's gone on stage in Rio De Janeiro (last week) and said this (whilst doing an impression of a camp Diddy)

"Hello, good morning, you like that s**t. Well the next time you see Puffy, tell him I said...."

**cue the music**

"N**ga don't act like a b**ch. He say he love her man, he really think he love her man/She a super freak, freakier than he understand/She not the type of girl that you take home to your mother/She's the type you take to the track to come up on a sucker..."

It's HILAR!!! Watch the vid here.... also: Fif looks like he's put some of that weight back on thank God!

Let's see if Puff replies to this, I'm guessing he won't..... stay tuned!!!

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