Saturday, 24 July 2010

WE WANT LUPE!!! Join The Petition demanding 'Lasers' Release NOW!


It's been aaaaages since we heard any new SOLO (rap) music from Lupe Fiasco right? Since the release of the AMAZING 'Cool' it's been almost 3 years!!!

Obvs he's dropped a few verses here and there (most recently Janelle Monae's 'Tightrope remix' see the previous blog)

Apparently the album LASERS has been ready since June 09....what the HELL are Atlantic playing at? Release the damn record mayn!

Lasers stands for:
"Love Always Shines, Everytime Remember 2 Smile

Lupe's official website has had the words 'New Album Lasers, coming soon' on it's headline for months! SMH

Anyhoo, his fans across the globe have started an official petition to Atlantic Records demanding the release of Lasers!

The petition states:
"Dear Atlantic Records: The fans below have been waiting for the release for Lupe Fiasco's album ‘Lasers’ for over a good year now. Since when it was originally announced last summer, there has still yet to be a release date announced.

"It has even been stated by Lupe Fiasco the artist himself, that the album is in fact completed. Enough is enough, we demand that you stop playing around and give us the album that we have been highly anticipating since the release of The Cool."


I've signed up.....I'm number 10,459!!!!

<<<<< SIGN UP HERE >>>>>

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