Friday, 30 July 2010

Foxy Brown in ANOTHER fight >>> not arrested this time though


More Foxy drama..... last night she was involved in a 'huge brawl' in NYC

but managed to escape (hopefully) unharmed and (definitely) not arrested.....
No info yet as to why or how it started but TMZ have reported that the fight broke out in the lobby at a luxury apartment block when Foxy was visiting someone.

According to TMZ sources, Brown was involved in the fight along with several others. Apparently it took over 10 people to break up the brawl.

Luckily, Fox left the scene before the cops showed up and no arrests were made!

Sources have informed TMZ that Fox was seen fighting with her manager - but when they contacted the manager, she refused to comment.... now to me, that screams "yes we did fight" otherwise, as her manager - she would ordinarily be doing anything to play it down and NOT let Fox be seen in a bad light no?

Jheez Foxy, you need to calm down and stop wiling out!!!!

Foxy Brown talks about Nicki Minaj >>>> hmmm


Foxy's done an interview on MTV News with Sway where he asks for her thoughts on Nicki Minaj.

It all stems from the recent performance in NYC that Foxy did where she said:

“I’m the only Trini chick that can kick yard sh*t”

Everyone presumed this was a shot fired at Nicki Minaj who is also Trinidaddian and famously uses a Jamaican accent in the 'Hold Yuh' track.....

SO, on to the i/v: Firstly, Foxy's accent sounds extremely 'Manhattan' American (like really like Paris?)...considering she's a bad ass b*tch on the mic?

Anyhoo, here's what she says on Nicki...
“I actually applaud Nicki. I think she’s doing an incredible job of branding herself. When you’re a boss bitch, you give it up. Send her a Chanel bag or something. If you’re winning, you’re winning. That’s just how I see it.”

However she then went on to say laughing:
“I’m a beast on that mic, Sway, I don’t really think they want any problems with that.”

When Sway asked about whether SHE thinks new female MC's should 'pay homage' as Kim says, she replied:
“I’m not even in that category ’cause I’m still one of the youngest female rappers in the game. Other rappers may feel like that because they’re older, but I myself am still young"
I'm guessing she's referring to Kim even though there's actually only 3 years difference between


At the very end of the i/v Sway asks Fox about the Trini comment, but the vid quickly cuts off before she can really answer....hmmmmm

Watch the interview here....

First shots of Kanye's 'POWER' vid >>>


The vid was created by an artist called Marco Brambilla, who describes the idea behind it as: it’s kind of "apocalyptic, in a very personal way.”

Apparently, in typical OTT Kanye style, it's going to be pretty controversial.  It looks like the vid will involve a lot of half (or fully) naked chicks, a lot of shots of Kanye posing in RIDICULOUS jewellery.... (that chain could feed Africa for a year) and other 'dark sequences with inconic religious figures'.

The full vid will hit Kanye's website next week. Stay tuned >>>>>

FLAWLESS are going on tour.... this trailer is better than most music vids.... MASSIVE!


Thanks to Ara at (JUMPOFF TV) for bringing this to my attention!

So you've seen them on TV in Britain's Got Talent and you've seen them on film in 'Street Dance' now you can see them LIVE!

THE BEST STREET DANCE GROUP IN THE UK FLAWLESS (Yeah I said it) are doing a tour of the UK starting in September and hitting every major City in the UK yay!

Check out the trailer for the tour here.... quality is ON POINT >>> I'm THERE!

Buy tickets here

For more info, go to the Flawless website here

Nicki Minaj talks about the 'Your Love' vid + see what Bruce Willis had to say about it....


On the set of another video, Minaj sports a cute red wig with headband and fringe, I like.....

She talks about the concept of the video and why she chose to kill her character at the end! Check out the crazy British accent LOL she's mad and I love it!

Bruce Willis said of the line Nicki uses in the track "I'ma die hard, like Bruce Willis':
“I can’t get enough songs on the radio that have my name in it,” he told MTV during their Thursday live stream from Comic-Con. “It’s always an honor. I love that song. I don’t understand it, but I can understand my name.”


Thanks to Necole Bitchie

The funniest interview ever loool DRAKE >>>


This is perhaps the strangest but funniest interview I have watched....Nardwuar is a celeb comedian type interviewer in Canada....he interviews Drake and his sidekick 40 by getting out a load of different albums to discuss including some of his families own music!

Check it out here.....
props to MissInfo muah x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Diddy covers Vibe with Rick Ross, Janelle Monae, Cassie etc + interview >>>


The new cover of Vibe Mag has been's all black everything 'The Power Issue': Diddy, Ricky Ross the boss and Janelle Monae grace the front with Cassie and Dirty Money on the pull out. 

Cassie looks SICCCKKK!!!! I'm so gona rock that hair do!!! lol

Here's a hint of the interview with Diddy...

Dr. Dre said that the last beat that floored him was “All About the Benjamins.” How does that make you feel?

It’s humbling. I was in the studio with Dre the other day. He started working on a record for me. Watching him as a producer is watching greatness. We had a lot of similar traits. It was like looking in the mirror. He would ask questions like, “How you feel about this?” People don’t really understand true producers want to know how you feel about things. We are some of the most observant people on the planet.

Are the comments from Lil’ Kim about Nicki disheartening?
When I heard her say what she said, it didn’t really affect me. I didn’t get mad at her or anything like that. I knew how she felt. I ain’t agree with it. But also I know the motivation. I know that people say, “Oh, he’s trying to get a new Lil’ Kim.” I guess people will see in time. Yeah, Nicki’s had flavored wigs on, but besides that it ain’t even the same approach to the writing.

Check out the full interview at VIBE

And stay tuned for i/vs from the other other artists!
Here's Diddy taking over at Vibe as guest Ed for a day....

Some sporty stuff....PRETTY FLY FOR A WHITE GUY! ....


The Rabbit's Rabbit has never reported on anything remotely sporty (unless you count discussing Baseball player and RiRi's bf Matt Kemp) but I really wanted to bring something to your attention peeps!

Last night I sat and watched the European Championships 100m final. Ok, so there were no Jamaicans or Americans in it but I was still surprised to see a gangly WHITE guy in the line up.... boy did I get a pleasant surprise.....

Here is: Christophe Lemaitre..........

A 20 year old frenchman who has been running for only 5 years in the 100m and 200m races.

Last night, he beat Brit Dwaine Chambers to WIN THE 100M FINAL and become European Champion....brrrrapp!

On 9th July this year he became the first white person to run 100 metres in under 10 seconds. The next day he went on to equal the French record in the 200m with a time of 20.16s.

It's interesting to note that at the same age, neither Asafa Powell nor Carl Lewis had run as fast.

According to some sporting experts, his technique has ALOT to improve on, if he can run under 10seconds with a less than perfect style, it looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of this guy in the future!

I'm not saying he's rivalling Usain Bolt just yet lol....but it's good to see someone breaking the 'colour rules' of athletics no?
Watch the race here....

Kanye does a complete 180 and joins Twitter.... so funny!!!

Remeber Ye's rant against Twitter earlier this year....

And guess what, he now has a new album he wants to promote (after disgracing himself at the VMA's I guess he needs all the help he can get?!) so he's joined Twitter.....GENIUS!

He's been on Twitter for one day and already has 218,000 followers...jheez.

Follow Kanye HERE

Oh, and follow me HERE :-)

DMX is going BACK to Jail....FFS!


Noooooooo!!! Again???!!!

Earlier this month DMX got OUT of jail after violating his probation, he did 4 months in Arizona, and this time it looked like he was really turning a corner, espesh after he added a sick verse to 'Stop the Party' with Busta.

But now, he's going!

This time, he will serve 90 days for an offence back in 2002 (reckless driving etc).

Here's the official mugshot (well, the latest one).....

According to his manager, X is now "focused on taking care of all of his past legal issues so he can move on with his life and music career." about bloody time!!!

He only came out on the 6th!!! In which time, his wife, Tashera has filed for divorce, poor guy!

I really hope he can stay strong, stay off the drugs and in 90 days (or less) come out to a whole new career and life C'MON SON!

HAS Kim Kardashian had surgey??? Before and after pics >>>>


Kim K seems to have the PERFECT body and face...big butt, big boobs and lovely flat stomach....she claims it's all her own. She says she's not averse to surgery BUT that so far, she's had NOTHING done. (Obvs we already KNOW her long hair is as fake as a £9 note!!!) but a few pics have popped up on the net suggesting otherwise with regards to her BUTT, BOOBS and FACE

KIM NOW.....
At 29, there's NO DOUBT in my mind she's AT LEAST had a LOT of botox

This is Kim back before she was relly barely looks like the same person, look at her nose!!!!


To top it off, Kimmy's ex hubby Damon has done an interview in the States with a mag called 'In Touch' where he states that Kim has DEFINITELY had EXTENSIVE surgery and that when they were together he even agreed to pay for it she was so desperate!!

Now I LOVE the Kardashians but it's not a great message to put out to all the little girls that would (literally) die for a figure like this....she's saying she has not had surgery whilst the pics SEEM to show she has....why not just be honest??

What do you think?

Rihanna bout to get engaged???


According to Matt Kemp is going to propose to RiRi VERY SOON... they have a 'rock solid source' that says the US Baseballer has commissioned famous upmarket jewellers Rafaello & Company to design a 1 MILLION DOLLAR masterpiece engagement ring, hot DAYUM!

Well, there goes what would have been a nice surprise for of the perks of being famous eh!

Aren't they cute?!

I'll keep you updated as soon as we know more!

Can't believe this is MYA....had to look twice!


Not sure I'm feelin the new look from MYA, bleach blonde, scraped back hair and blue contacts.....why girl, why???

Mya was spotted out partying this weekend looking very different to her normal self....

From this (natual):

To this (barbied up):

What do you's think??



This is track that has SPLIT the Hip Hop world in two.... A LOT of people think Shyne has 'abused' (their words not mine) Bob Marley's singing by using it in this track, while some love it..... IMO it's aiiiight. That doesn't mean I'm sitting on the fence, I don't LOVE or HATE it.... I prefer both originals that's for sure!!!

'Belize' samples Marley's 'Sun Is Shining' and Biggie's line from the Puffy track 'Young G's'

Since his release, the hip hop world has been eagerly anticipating some new stuff from Po, I don't think this was quite what they were expecting, or hoping for. Like I said, personally, i think it's ok....don't get me wrong, it's not a TOUCH on his former lyrical quality....his voice even gets kinda grating dare I say it but the 'Sun Is Shining' vibes in the production make it listenable (is that a word?!)

Also to mention: is the 50 cent diss we've all heard about, he  spits:
"I'm about a dollar/ What the f*ck is 50 Cents"


Anyhoo, check it out below and LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!

Listen to it here.....

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lauryn Hill performing in Rwanda.... I heart Her booties...oh and she sounds GREAT!


She sounds great, she looks cool..... could it really be?? LAURYN HILL IS ON THE COMEBACK?!!!

Check out a recent performance in Rwanda.... I love her African inspired harems and the gooooorgeous red booties......



So in my previous blog about Kanye's (supposed) new girl Shay 'The UK Bombshell' I thought I recognised her from when I used to work with JUMPOFF TV for the live events in LDN....well it turns out I DID recognise her.....

Props to Akcent over at Jump Off for the following insight.... Add him on Twitter here to keep up to date on everything HIP HOP related.....he's a genius :-)  

Footage of Shay competing in the 'Model Of The Month' at Jump Off live events....

Shay appearing in the Messiahbolical vid for 'Whatever You Want''s practically porn....LOL!

Like I said....this girl is going the right way down the publicity path....i rate her for it tho!!!

is this REALLY Kanye's new chick?? Amber all the way mayn!


If this aint true, then this chick is pulling off the best publicity campaign EVER......

Kanye West and the beautiful Amber Rose decided to call it quits recently, and not one to waste any time; 'Ye has apparently moved on to a lil English Rose, actually she's Kenyan born and London bred but hey ho....

Her name's 'Shay the UK Bombshell' and she's a 'model' with humungous natural boobs.... (I'd hate to see what they look like in a few years) 30 JJ apparently.....wowzers

I'm sure this chick was a Jump Off regs, Ara, Aks  AKCENT anyone???

Seriously, if you don't know GET TO KNOW... MARVELL MUSIC 'We Know'


One of THE hottest  upcoming groups have worked with one of the Hottest upcoming producers to create a F**KNG BANGER: 'We Know' by Marvell and produced by Wolves very own SX is this week's JAM HOT (shouts to Mistajam) so you know it's gone offfff....

Marvell Music are a trio from Tottenham consisting of Vertex, Shocka and Double S.....

The single 'We Know' is catchy as hell, and that's thanks in part to the beat produced by S-X aka Sam Gumbley from lil old WOLVERHAMPTON (big up!).

S-X is just He's really making a name for himself in the grime / UKG scene working with Chip Diddy Chipmunk, Wretch 32, Trilla, BBK amd more. He was the man or should I say boy (?) behind the friggin AWESOME 'Wooo Riddim' which is CRAZZZZZY!! (See below for that too.) which has recently been added to the 1x playlist (the version with Trilla) WOOOOOP WOOOOP!! lol.

Check him out with his manager (and me old mucka) Jamie Dred of Stay Fresh.

Bad news is that the single won't be released until OCTOBER......naaah man we want it nooooow!!!!

Listen to the radio rip of 'We Know' here.....

Check out Marvell boys website here

Here's Trilla on the Wooo Riddim (prod by SX)

Check P Money KILLIN the Wooo Riddim on Westwood TV:

Also, check out the 'Wooo Riddim' instrumental:


NEW MUSIC >>>> Teairra Marie ft Mavado 'Coins' >>> Free Download


I feel sorry for this chick, Jay Z singed her up to Def Jam at the same time as Rihanna a few years back....cue the obvious comparisons. As it turns out: RiRi BLEW and Teairra definitely didn't.

She's been pretty quiet since her first album dropped and it's only really now she's making some moves in the biz again.

Her hugely delayed second album 'At That Point' is apparently now not even going to be released at all, instead she is putting out a mixtape to gain some hype and then re-naming and re-recording the sophomore album....

'Coins' is a track featuring Mavado, it's a dancefloor track no doubt, nothing spesh IMO but it's good to see Mavado doing some crossover stuff.....and he is pretty much the best part of the tune

"I got hundred dollar bills, what the deal".....

Listen to it here:


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hot clothing Line 'F2D' aka Fresh 2 Death Collection.....


I LOVE love LOVE unique designers that no-one else has, and here's another one I've been informed of.....

F2D Collection is street wear clothing at its best..... the designs are on POINT and they got T's, Caps and hooded jackets and it's all SERIOUSLY good prices

Mostly for the fellas, who, I feel it is Sooooo important to be rockin those FRESH T's that no one else has right?....Might get my hubz some stuff!!!

Here's a selection of my fave pieces.....
Survive and Provide....big!

For the ladies.....

Leather hoody (front and back) OUUUCH!

Varisty jacket (front and back)....