Thursday, 29 July 2010

HAS Kim Kardashian had surgey??? Before and after pics >>>>


Kim K seems to have the PERFECT body and face...big butt, big boobs and lovely flat stomach....she claims it's all her own. She says she's not averse to surgery BUT that so far, she's had NOTHING done. (Obvs we already KNOW her long hair is as fake as a £9 note!!!) but a few pics have popped up on the net suggesting otherwise with regards to her BUTT, BOOBS and FACE

KIM NOW.....
At 29, there's NO DOUBT in my mind she's AT LEAST had a LOT of botox

This is Kim back before she was relly barely looks like the same person, look at her nose!!!!


To top it off, Kimmy's ex hubby Damon has done an interview in the States with a mag called 'In Touch' where he states that Kim has DEFINITELY had EXTENSIVE surgery and that when they were together he even agreed to pay for it she was so desperate!!

Now I LOVE the Kardashians but it's not a great message to put out to all the little girls that would (literally) die for a figure like this....she's saying she has not had surgery whilst the pics SEEM to show she has....why not just be honest??

What do you think?


  1. For real, luv the show! Chloe is sooo rude it's too funny! If someones gunna have surgery mite as well be honest bout it, you can blaitantly tell with some people, I think Kim may have had some to enhance her natural beauty....

  2. well yea i believe she has had surgery. her but must have grew over night.I dont like her faaakkee ass anyway!!!