Tuesday, 20 July 2010

War of the Video Hoe's?? Tila Tquila disses Kat Stacks....


Both these chicks got famous for sleeping with rappers / athletes etc and talking about it so it's actually quite funny to hear Tila Tequila goin in on Kat Stacks on air with none other than Timmy Westwood yesterday!!!

When Westwood asked what level does she consider Kat Stacks to be on, Tila replied...

'Under my foot'

There's been a bit of Twitter beef in the past....Check what Kat tweeted about Tila back in May (she deleted it shortly after though??)

These two hoe bags are pretty much as bad as each other....  Kat now claims she's sleeping with Avante Rose who is a member of Game's entourage and the man that Tila announced she was pregnant with (and then announced she'd had a miscarriage) hmmmm DRAMA eh! Who knows WHAT to believe when it comes to these two SMH

Anyhoo, check out the pic that Kat Stacks actually posted of herself (lookin downright RENK) and extremely HAMMERED yesterday.... peep this, FOREHEAD + BAD BAD WEAVE + LAZY EYE = #sityoassdownhoe hahaha

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  1. Lol . This btch looks hidious.