Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Usher disses UK acts....


After the success of UK Acts like Jay Sean, Taio Cruz and even JLS over in the States, it seems Usher is getting a bit scared?! Cue a diss on all of them....

He said, and I quote:
“There’s a very fine line between what’s R&B and pop these days. Just because it’s sung by a male minority doesn’t mean you’re urban or R&B. Those artists [Jay Sean & Taio Cruz] are pop. The true value of R&B has been brought down by them.”

Whilst I agree that just because a black or asian singer is on a track, DOES NOT make it urban, who the hell is he to judge our UK acts like Jay Sean when he's bringing out CRAP like this:

Usher ft Pitbull 'DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again'

Fine line between R&B and pop you say Ush????
Anyway, the guys confused....in the same interview, her went on to say:
“Whenever I come to the UK I always find new music.”

Oh Usher....shaddap!!!


  1. Erm What's OMG then???
    Usher's Haterism is purely out of shookness...
    Its good when you can incorporate different styles under one genre... It opens doors for many other artists and also means get a wider circle of listeners...

  2. I completely agree....the fact that he felt the need to make that comment shows he is listening to them and resenting their success in the US market. Good on them I say! Usher needs to sit down!