Monday, 26 July 2010

P!nk and Eminem mutual admiration and new song>>>


Fresh from their new collabo for 'Won't Back Down' from the Recovery album, the two stars have been gushing about each other's talents (strictly profesh of course)

In an interview for Spin Mag, Pink says of Em:
“I think he’s one of the most poetic, ballsy, and hilarious people this industry has ever seen. I was always afraid he’d pick me as a target, but he’s always been nice to me and finally approached me to be on the album, so I must have done something right,”

Meanwhile Em was on Radio 1 and said:
“I’ve always respected what she does. When we did the track, I heard her on it and knew vocally she’d smash it.”

I think their vocals match perfectly on this rocky cool.

Hear the track here:

Recovery is one of the best albums of 2010....cop it >>>>here<<<< for just £8.95

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