Thursday, 22 July 2010

Kid Cudi gives the funniest quote of the week on his arrest.... "I was just doin some blow" LOL


Kid Cudi went on stage in Brooklyn yesterday and performed two tracks from his upcoming album: 'Man On The Moon: The Legend Of Mr Rager'.

'Erase Me' ft Kanye West (check the previous blog for the vid and free download) & 'Mr Rager' are both bangers and will both feature on the album.

More interestingly though, he felt the need to address his recent arrest....he said:
“I know yall heard about me in news, I was just doing some blow... but I'm done with it. I'm sorry, I'm not gonna let you guys down.”

ahahahaaaa what a quote!!!!!!!

I couldn't get the ACTUAL footage but here's a vid of him performing 'Revolution' and 'Mr Rager' live elsewhere.... i think he's hot....ladies?

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