Wednesday, 30 June 2010



There's some cool Illustrated People jumpers and some nice summer bargains :-)

Check out this gorge Hawaiin Jump Suit cover up.....Ibiza styleeeee here

River Island aslo has some sale bits....only the accessories bit's worth looking at really!



The BIGGEST DnB Tracks out right now.... JUMP UP!!


After some conferring with me old mucka DJ BOKA I have got 2 of the hottest DnB tracks out right now to share with you....enjoy :-)

Subzero - Dodge City

Dj Pleasure - Fallen
Can you hear the 'Transformers' sample :-)
Once you get past the annoying DJ's voice you'll hear it....deep!

New Big Boi Track 'Tangerine' ft T.I jheeeeez


Big Boi's releasing a solo track ft T.I called 'Tangerine' it's HEAAVvvyyy!!!

Check it out here, the beat is crrazzy!

Three years in the making, Big Boi's SOLO ALBUM 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty' is finally ready to be released: on Tuesday 6th July....CANNI WAIT!!! Go cop it!!!

Tangering will be the lead single.

Some INTERESTING BET photos... aftershow, red carpet and backstage


Nicki Minaj even got Diddy acting like the 'hired help'.....

Yes that's REALLY Diddy
Now, after reading 'Keep The Faith' (Faith Evan's autobiog) where she portrays Diddy as the hard working, hard talking superstar music mogul that he is; makes me wonder just WHAT Miss Minaj has goin on that makes everyone want to look after her....from Drake backing her on stage in the Lil Kim beef to this!

Other Pics:
Barbs! and little does Nikci look?!
For more of the same backstage pics peep the photographer's website:

There was a big BET afterparty, here's some pics....

Trey Songz and his MOM!!!! Yes his MOM! I'll have what she's having!!!
Trey Songz and Janelle Monae....look how iddy biddy she is!!! Love the jacket too.
TI and Jannelle Monae bussin a lil skank!

Lola Monroe + Rosa cool is the pink dress + earring / necklace beabed combo!

More Red Carpet Pics from the event....

Ashanti wows in red floorlength

Brandy...does this girl not age?!

She had cream harems on with this barely there boob's aiiight, glad she's lookin a little more feminine now anyway.

Travis Barker and his cute it

Chilli...not keen on the straight blonde do....bring back the black curly natural look

Keyshia Cole....hmmm

Lauren London....I know she's just had a baby but this is a little frumpy for her

Jess x

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Donaeo 'I'm So Fly' Video....


I looooooveeee this new Donaeo much more than most of his other stuff.

He tried his hand a MC'ing in this one. Check out the vid here, I just found out it's been directed by an old Jump Off TV colleague 'Luke Van Boom' which makes me even more of a fan.



Dipset Reunion for 2010.... helllll yeaarrrhhhhhh!


Killa Cam (with Vado) joined Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 recently to discuss his supposed beef with Jim Jones & Juelz Santana, he says it's all love and confirms that he and Jim have already started making music together after a few years break! He says 'a million percent' they will get Juelz on there's on mo fo's!!!!
Check out the full i'v here:

This is the commercial that's making it all official....the boys are back.....this is one piece of good news for 2010


Obviously, the guys also have their own solo stuff out....most recent being Cam's 'Speakin Tongues' with Vado which has a crazy it.....

Stay tuned for more Dipset beats and bombs right here.....


Ibiza Anthem.....Swedish House Mafia


On my recent trip to the White Isle I stumbled across this track....


Now, there's a few versions. One featuring Pharell (from NERD) which is more commercial and singalong....

And then there's this version which was a proper Ibiza anthem. It's the Congorock remix, check out the rip from Annie Mac's show on the 20th June here:

Get your skankin' shoes on peeps!


Jess x

Lauryn Hill talks......


Lauryn Hill made a rare performance in the US recently at the Harmony Festival.
NPR staff were able to track her down after and do a RARE and I mean RARE interview for their '50 Greatest Voices' series.

The reporter even asked the one key question we have ALL wondered at some time:
"Why did you stop putting out music?"

She said:
“There were a number of different reasons, but partly, the support system that I needed was not necessarily in place. There were things about myself, personal-growth things, that I had to go through in order to feel like it was worth it. In fact, as musicians and artists, it’s important we have an environment — and I guess when I say environment, I really mean the [music] industry, that really nurtures these gifts. Oftentimes, the machine can overlook the need to take care of the people who produce the sounds that have a lot to do with the health and well-being of society, or at least some aspect of society. And it’s important that people be given the time that they need to go through, to grow, so that the consciousness level of the general public is properly affected. Oftentimes, I think people are forced to make decisions prematurely. And then that sound radiates.”

Now, I went to see her concert in Birmingham a while back and she was a MESS. There have been rumours of a mental breakdown which she has never addressed, but from what I saw of her mumbling, ranting, forgetting words and not to mention her PHYSICAL appearance....I'd say it seemed fairly obvious to me.

I'd LOVE to see her comeback....'Miseducation' will forever be one of the all time greatest albums.

But I would HATE to see her 'come back' and do a Whitney......(If you haven't seen her gig from the NIA in Brum this and cringe):

Join me on facebook here:

Jess x

BET Awards.....Chris Brown redeems himself? Minaj wins BIG


The 2010 BET awards was a BIG one.....

I have scoured websites across the globe to give you's all an update on the gowns, the speeches, the drama and the perfrormances HOW EXCITING!!!!

So firstly: Beau of the Ball....Nicki Minaj who won Best Female Hip Hop Act, Best New Artist, and Best Group with Young Money.

Accepting her award
When she got the award for Best Female Hip Hop Act she hugged labelmate Drizzy and went on stage. Her speech went like so:
“This is for Dwayne Carter" ......for his tough love and tough words etc
She went on with a clear message to the recent Lil Kim diss....
“Thank you to Queen Latifah because you know what, earlier we were rehearsing and she gave me so much positive energy. I think it’s so important right now for positive energy among women because I’m fighting for women. This is not for me, this is for all of us!!! So thank you all the female rappers that paved the way for me...."
During her performance
I've heard stupid rumours that Nicki looked like she was lip synching during hewr performance on the show....she called it out on Twitter and said 'she can't wait for the re-runs' to show she was live. You can make up your own minds on that one.
On to Chris Brown who was the other stand out figure of the night. During an emotional tribute to the King Of Pop, Brown broke down during his AMAZING performance....spine tingling stuff. 
He sailed through renditions of 'The Way You Make Me Feel' to 'Billie Jean' with picture perfect copy of MJ's every move.

It was when he got to the poignant 'Man in the Mirror' that he crumbled down to the stage with tears streaming down his face, unable to sing: a sure sign of the way he has been treated since Rihanna-gate.

He later collected a 'Fandemonium' award and said in his speech:
"I let you all down, but I won't do it again."

Let's hope he's learnt from his mistakes and can move on. AWESOME performance though. Check it out here: (keep your eyes on 2.5 mins in.....massive!). Emotional stuff.....

Other notable performances was the tribute to Prince who was collecting a 'Lifetime Achievement' award...

Alicia Keys (who won Best Female R&B Artist + Best Collaboration with Jay Z for 'Empire State Of Mind') , Patti Labelle, Janelle Monae (who was absolutely HEAVY)

Alicia Keys Performing (at 6 months preg)

Janelle Monae smacked it

Best International Act went To our very own DIZEE RASCAL! woop woop TEAM UK!! :-)
Best Male R&B Artist went to Trey Songz who dedicated his award to his mom....aarw!
Best Male Hip Hop Artist: Drake. Who performed on the night with Jeezy....performance was alright, nothin spesh.
Best Video went to Lady Gaga and Beyonce for Telephone.

Rihanna and Jeezy won the Viewers Choice Award for 'Hard'
Other dresses of note.....
America's Next top Model winner EVA

Keri Hilson


Jess x

Dr Dre DETOX update....


So remember last week I said Dr Dre was back....
Weeelllll, I have a vid of the leaked 'Under Pressure' ft Jigga which will be the first release from 'DETOX' which Dre has said will DEFINITELY be released this year.....ABOUT TIME!!!!

The beat's crazy....imagine what the B Boys will do with this?!

There's no chorus as the track is not actually finished yet but the verses are enough for you to know this tune will be FIIIYAHHHH!

I'll keep you's all updated on any further Dre leaks / news :-)

Jess x

What's up with Foxy? :-(


A US gossip site has been reporting some disturbing news about the ledge that is Foxy Brown.

Backtrack: Now I have always been a Huuuuuuuuuge fan of Foxy and I've always rated her over Lil Kim. One of my all time fave albums is Broken Silence.....

But recently she seems to have gone AWOL from the music scene. She leaked a track called 'Let Em Know' back in Feb this year which dissed Lil Kim (as usual) but also mentioned Jigga.
She rips the piss out of Kim for her appearance on 'Dancing With The Stars' (and quite rightly so, I mean what the hell is 'the Queen of HIP HOP doing on that tack show?!)

“I’d rather be in the club at the bar/Then go disrespect my hood, by dancing with the stars… I’m BK’s Don Diva, give the whole hood face lifts/G’wan I fix your face bitch.”

She goes on to dimiss rumors about her involvement with Rick Ross, Nas, and AZ but DOES confirm the involvement with Jigga
“The streets talking, got the hood going crazy/Niggas heard I fucked with Ross and had the nigga baby/They said I fucked with Nas and now they say it’s AZ/But on the low, the real nigga was Jay-Z.”

She then goes in on a few other female rappers:
“I cancel all you broads, dismantle all you broads/Stomp a print in my Miu Miu sandals on you broads/Slap a bitch on her back like I’m John Cena/Fuck that, I ain’t Eve, I ain’t Kim, I ain’t Trina.”

Check the full song here:

And now Lil Kim has reportedly signed to RocNation....I'm guessing Fox is gona go in HAARRRRRD on the pair of them on her new album (whenever that comes out?!)

Always drama in the Fox B camp eh!

Anyhooooooo, in more recent news, a gossip site 'source' says that Foxy was spotted around 1am Monday morning in her hometown Brooklyn with two men drinking and smoking and blasting some bashy (all ok til now right?).....
Well the source said, and I quote:

Apparently, Fox has gained 30-40 pounds (around 3 stone....holy F**K what did she EAT?!) she had with a head scarf with GREASY weave that was so thin you could see her scalp.....SMH

She looked disorientated, eyes rolling in her head and she was screaming at anyone that tried to talk to her.

Now, this is just GOSSIP....and I truly hope the 'source' was exaggerating.....I would love to see Fox come back and smash it like she used to....checking her Twitter, all seems ok....lets hope so.

Get her on twitter here
Jess x

Ne-Yo THOUGHT he had a kid....turns out he didn't, but he does!!!


So I remember when Ne-Yo featured in Vibe mag waaay back when he first came out and spoke about being a young father and how it had changed his life, blah blah blah....cue the shots of him and said son (see above).
Well imagine my surpise on reading that Ne-Yo's girfriend Monetta (ghetto name!) is pregs and here was the bald one's quote:

"I am 30 and I do have my first child on the way, and I’m very, very, very excited about that. It’s a New Year’s baby and I’m just in a really good place right now."


Well anyways, it turns out the son wasn't his! A few years down the line he demanded a DNA test after hearing his missus had been cheating (someone call Jeremy Kyle) and it seems the baby moma was just an outright gollllddigga!

Anywayz, here's a pic of the new and expecting couple....Good Luck this time son!

Ne-Yo and gf Monetta

Jess x

Miss Keri Baby....has CHANGED...A LOT


MTV have filmed a new episode of 'when I was 17' with Keri Hilson as the subject this time.

I found some pics they used.....lets just say, she has aged WELL.
Check it out:

I swear she looks older then at 17!!!!

When she was a basketballer.....


I'd say ugly duckling to swan...but that may be a bit harsh? Nahhh she was butters and now she's a beaut!

Jess x

Monday, 28 June 2010

Another designer / Nike collabo....this ones HOT and you can buy it!!!!!


Looks like Nike are goin all out this year to up their fashion cred. First the N98 jackets designs (see my last blog) and now a re-make of the classic Skinny Dunk...

Nike have teamed up with famous French textile designer: Paule Marrot (a fave with the royals I'm he's working to make street kicks...haha).
Strictly for the ladies only (unless you're a male with ridiculously small feet and like gay shoes).
There are 5 designs....I want them all.

The style is based on the original 1985 basketball shoe design, they are so cool and so retro!

I will let you know as soon as they go on sale, which is looking to be sometime this summer!!!!

Jess x

Nike goes all 'designer' friendly.....


Trainer faves Nike have collaborated with six up and coming designers to customise the famous N98 track jacket. The designers were each given a famous British athlete to use as their muse. 
The names included: Tim Soar, Katie Eary, Felder Felder and Hannah Marshall.

My favourite is the image above, how cool is the print pattern!
Designer: Julian J Smith    
Athlete:  Jodie Williams

Other nice ones are: the black shoulder pad version with slit elbows, you would NOT think this was Nike would you?!
Designer: Hannah Marshall
Athlete: Charlotte Purdue

Designer: Felder Felder
Athlete: Ashlee Nelson

And for the guys.....I am loving this tribal / african print version:

Designer: SIBLING
Athlete: Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

Unfortunately, they are not for sale but they are on exhibition from July 22 at 1948, Nike Sportswear's concept store, great....NOT....SELL THEM FOR GODSAKE NIKE!!!!


Jess x