Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Check out these custom made garms..... MONEY MADE CLOTHING HAS LANDED.....


I love finding up and coming clothing brands that have that gangsta feel with good quality designs....(think Trapstar)

'Money Made Clothing' is a new brand, and it looks like they're set for the big time............

They have just released their new line and a winter collection is in design process.

Check out some of their new pieces, mostly T's, sweat tops, hoodies and leggings but a few other bits too....male AND female:

Now personally, I think the basic design concepts and images are BIG, however (and I know this may p*ss off some peeps) but IMO I think the modelling game and styling needs to step up another level.
Using local hotties is cool until you get to a certain stage and then it's time for the


Call 07923267672 to get custom made clothing from Money Made.....


  1. Thank you so much. And you could be right about the models but we have to thank them 'So much' because they got the job done. But Thank you for the write up.

    Moneymade clothing - Clothes Worth Wearing.

    WINTER CLOTHING OUT SOON!! And Ladys watch out for the dresses / Coats /
    Hangbags etc

  2. My Pleasure...I only blog about stuff I think is good!
    MM is one to look out for definitely.
    Keep me updated about future collections / projects.
    And in regards to the models....they're all hot and they all work the shots well no doubt, I just meant that when you start to take it to the next level and go more national with the brand then you're better off getting some pro's in :-)