Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lil Kim looking GOD AWFUL.........


Lil’ Kim celebrated her 35th Birthday this week, instead of going to a hot club VIP Style or going on a relaxing holiday to somewhere exotic.....she went to 'Millions Of Milkshakes' to make....well, milkshakes and of course, get a couple of promo shots whilst there.....

Now is it just me, or are you's all thinking....WTF HAS SHE DONE TO HERSELF????!!!!

She is unrecognisable to the girl who made her name as a HOT rapper....now she's just a hot MESS!

Remember how she used to look?

Whilst making milkshakes she also had time to talk about Lindsay Lohan's upcoming jail time, seen as she was a jail bird herself not so long ago....
“There’s a lot of bigger fish to be fried when it comes to the justice system,” she shared. “Lindsay, she’s my friend and I will be there for her and I will help her. I love you, Linds.”
Errr....since when did they become such great friends??? Celebs eh!!!


  1. She looks just like her protege: Nicki Minaj.

  2. I agree...Nicki is very similar now to what Kim was back in the day but she's not (yet) ruined her face with far too much surgery and I hope she doesn't. Kim was beautiful before, she didn't need the surgery...what do you think?
    Thanks for reading, and for the comment Sasha x

  3. IM TEAM NICKI 110 % , but ill admit kim was B E A T I F U L L . why would she mess it up when god made her naturally gorgeous ? its a shame cause she was legit pretty& looks like a hot wreck now /: