Monday, 12 July 2010

Amber Rose taking aim at Kim Kardash??


Further to the blog I posted of Amber Rose getting caught looking cosy with Kim's ex Reggie looks like now she's digging at Kim on Twitter.....

Now, when the pics of Reggie and Rose first surfaced, Kim tweeted 'Who Cares', presumably in reply to the rumours.

The following tweet then came from Miss Rose....

Now IMO that sounds like a lil dig at

Love the drama haha.....this girl knows how to keep herself in the public eye eh!

AM out and about last week....not so keen on the's a bit TRASH no?

Meanwhile, Kim was bringing in the P's posing as the official flag girl for the 'Amp Energy Bullrun' a big event in the US. In a white spandex jumpsuit for the occasion, she looked bangin'...although I'm starting to think her face is looking more and more stretched....easy on the surgery girl

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  1. Ummmmm that Kim Ks one sexy lady!!!!