Thursday, 15 July 2010

Lloyd apologises to Ciara for calling her a Hollywood b*tch....


Lloyd uses Twitter to apologise to Ciara for calling her a Hollywood B*tch....


So first of all, back in September last year, Lloyd did an interview in Hip Hop Weekly and said the following about Ciara (who apparently was a good school friend of his before either were famous):

“I don’t f**k with Hollywood b**ches and she’s like one of the chicks that’s just changed along the way with the fame and the money and all of that. I don’t really get down with her anymore on some real s**t. The truth hurts, but it will set you free. But I wish her all the best.”


Then he hastily tried to explain the comments after he realised they weren't being taken too well by her fans!!! In Oct last year he wrote a blog saying this:

"Let’s set the record straight on my “Hollywood B*tches” comment in Hip Hop Weekly. I said what I said and I stand by it. But read exactly what I said, then judge me. The truth is, I don’t f*ck with Hollywood B*tches (or Hollywood Ni**as for that matter). No, I’m not calling Ciara a b*tch, I’m saying that I think celebrity status changed her for the worse, and because of that, we don’t get down anymore.

Yesterday I spoke to CiCi for the first time in years. I called her to explain my comments and to let her know how I felt about the situation. We had a good one-on-one conversation that will remain between us. I respect and I love CiCi like family, but sometimes family are the only ones that will tell you the truth. I’m sure I could have found a better way to tell her, but what’s done is done. We’re moving on."

Not a good look Lloyd.... and neither my friend, is this do.....

He sounds like a straight HATERRRR no?

Ciara only responded months later saying she was confused by Lloyds comments because they hadn't even spoken to each other in years....

"I’m a southern girl in LA. I’m an Atlien at heart. It doesn’t mean I’m Hollywood because I live there. I’ll never change who I am internally. Am I wrong for going to do Givenchy? Am I wrong for traveling? I come from Decatur and where I’ve been traveling is a BIG DEAL for my life and where I came from and what we had."

Anyhoo.... it sounds like the pair have made up, either that or rat boy Lloyd had an attack of the '' syndrome and felt the need to air an apology on Twitter, he put:

and then.....

Respect is due to him for being the bigger man and apologizing even if it has taken him waaay too long and perhaps something that he could have done personally instead of via twitter, but hey I'm not complaining....we love the drama!!!! :-)

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