Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Rihanna takes over Twitter and Chris Brown reacts....


Twitter is GREAT!

Rihanna has had an account for a while now but it's only ever been her label that puts
tweets out, until now!

Four minutes later, the ever vocal (via Twitter) responded with this...



Lauryn Hill performed at 'Rock The Bells' recently in the States where not only did she perform WELL and bring out a host of musical celebs on stage to show their support (Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, Beyonce)
She also bought out her SEVEN (yes SEVEN) kids....cute.

Check out her live performance of 'Zion' here...



Jazmine Sullivan is back, I really like this chick...

She's releasing a new album on 28th September titled 'Love Me Back' and this will be the first single, it's a collab with Missy Elliott called 'Holding You Down (Goin in Circles)'

Here's the vid....

It's a real 80's house party vibe goin on... peep Pepa and Doug E Fresh. Love it...

Friday, 27 August 2010

50 cent goes crazy on Twitter, check out his Kim Kardashian 'burger' haha


50 cent has had a twitter account for a while but it seems he's chosen tonight to go crazy on it...

Check out the most hilarious tweet:
he put...
"Yall like my Kim K burger?'...

In other tweets he has a go at Miss Info then tries to hit on her talkin sex shops lol, he calls allhiphop.com a 'bunch of computer geeks' and loads more crazy, random shiz... (like a US Wiley)

See his twitter here...

NEW VIDEO Jeremih featuring Ludacris 'iLike'


Jeremih is back and he's about to release his second album 'All About You' due out 28th September.

This tune with Luda titled 'iLike' will be the first single, peep the vid here....

I Like
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NEW Rick Ross 'King Boss' disses Slim Thug? FREE DOWNLOAD >>>


Rick Ross 'King Boss'

Check the lyrics....
“she dated Slim Thug, but now she fuck with me,
she finally made it to the biggest boss luckily…

up in the 40/40, i see Beyonce,
look up at Jay & he looking at my fiancee,
that’s the stamp of approval from player to player”
Looks like Slim Thug hasn't taken too kindly to the line about him....
Check his tweet:
So far, no reply from Ross...hmmmm

New Amy Winehouse Pics... oh dear...


Bossip have released some photos of Wino looking less than hot outside her favourite local in Camden....

She looks well, better (I guess?) but still scrawwwwny and not IN THE LEAST BIT SEXY though she really is trying to work the pose here huh?!

Apparently she's back in the studio recording and already has enough material to make two albums... let's hope we get to hear some of it soon! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kat Stacks shows video exposing Soulja Boy's coke habit


Kat Stacks aka the number 1 groupie is at it again and this time it could be the ruining of SOULJA BOY....

World Star Hip Hop have posted a video filmed by Kat on her phone of her and Soulja Boy in his hotel and him TAKING COKE.... not cool Soulja Boy. Or as Fabolous tweeted 'Stupid bow swag' haha

When will these rappers learn NOT TO mess with this chick?!

Watch the video here...

The Twitter world has gone mad with the news, Kat Stacks is number 1 trending topic, Soulja Boy tweeted this:

Fabolous, who's had his own run ins with Kat Stacks tweeted the following:

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ciara's dodgy outfit + performing Gimmie Dat


Ciara's never been one to top the fashion polls but this could really be a new low....

Seriously, who styles this woman? Just coz the shoes are Alexander Wang does NOT mean this outfit will work.... she's a hot mess!

She was walking the red carpet at the Power Live event in the US this weekend. Here's her stage get up:

Watch the performance here....

Giles Deacon new GOLD collection for New Look


Check out the new 'Gold' collection by Giles at New Look. Simple but chic, tassles, sequins splashes of colour.

Here's some of the best pieces from the collection.....
I heart the cream bandeau flow hem dress....so cute!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Lauryn Hill performs at Rock The Bells


So we've been hearing the rumours for a while now and it looks like we're set for a real comeback....LAURN HILL IS BACK BABY!

She performed again this weekend, this time at the Rock The Bells event in California.

Here's how she looked:

And here's how she sounded (the vid quality is not the best but you get the jist as she goes into 'Lost Ones')

NEW VIDEO Loick Essien LOVE DRUNK Official Video


Here's the official (and pretty profesh) vid for UK singer Loick Essien's 'Love Drunk' track.

I think it's a good look and tbf I'd have thought it was American, the style and quality of the production is brilliant. Big Ups to Labrinth on production.

I have two further thoughts, a) I'm not feeling the baggy jumper thing at the start of the vid and b) doesn't Mr Loick look a lot like Tinie Tempah in those raybans?!

Watch it here....

NEW MUSIC Lupe Fiasco : Go To Sleep


Lupe seems to have changed his mind about forcing the L.A.S.E.R.S album and instead he's changed the name of his third studio album to: 'Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album' and this will be the first single...YAY!

Ciara and 50 Cent still together?


This pair have reportedly been getting it on since 2007 but it seemed to have all gone a bit quiet until recently.

According to Bossip the pair were spotted discreetly entering and leaving the same hotel in NYC (after leaving on the same plane), coincidence? I think not!

I think they make a nice couple no?

Faith Evans arrested on a DUI (Yes, AGAIN)


Just as Faith Evans is coming out of her 5 year hiatus from the music world, she goes and gets caught drink, driving... :-(

37 year old Faith got pulled over in LA and was arrested immediately. After that rehab stint in 2004 I really thought she'd stopped all this shiz?

She's been released on bail pending formal charges.  Let's just hope this doesn't have ANY negative affect on her new album scheduled for release in October....

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Montana Fishburne interview, she talks about her dad and the spots on her ass cheeks....


So, as you all know, Laurence Fishburne's 19 year old daughter has released a porn tape in a bid to become famous. SMH

She's been doing interviews left, right and centre about it all including this one for ASIS mag in the US:
peep the title:
"I'm not doing shit to him [Laurence Fishburne] but fcuking and having my career."

You also have to watch this funnnnnny interview on youtube where she talks about her spotty botty in the tape (which you can see has been completely airbrushed above), Her dad, the rumours she was a prostitute, Kim Kardashian and more and also peep her bf (euww).....

FAITH EVANS new album teaser 'Something About Faith'



Faith will be releasing her new album 'Something About Faith' on the 5th October. It will feature collabs from Keyshia Cole and Kelly Price to name a few. It's that REAL R&B shiz like it used to be!

Faith has released a video of behind the scenes footage from the promo shoot to the album title tune.... she looks damn good, like beautiful, grown-ass woman GOOD.

Can't wait.....

p.s if you haven't read her autobiography 'Keep The Faith' yet then YOU NEED TO!!!!

Mariah Carey steps out in Brazil looking big but not pregnant


Mariah has been keeping a low profile in recent months sparking rumours she's finally up the duff.... that is until now.

She was spotted in Brazil where she will be performing at a festival looking rather larger than usual (that's what marriage does to ya!) but signicantly without bump......

As long as she's happy though, who cares what size she is I say. You go and eat girl!

It's been announced that she will be releasing a Christmas album on 2nd November which will feature 6 new tracks and some covers....hmmmm

Kim Kardashian New Bikini Calendar pic + Paris Hilton Beef


Kim Kardash put this pic of herself oiled up in a bikini as her profile pic on Twitter saying it would be up for one day only and it's a sneak peek from her 2011 calendar....

Is it just me or does this not even look like her at all?

Oh well, she still looks AmAzing....

In other news.....
Kim K and Paris Hilton have been best friends for yeaaaars UNTIL Kim got famous and like, totally stole Paris's thunder LOL.

Apparently the frienemies are not currently speaking because Paris is so jealous of Kim's meteoric rise to fame and the fact that she herself is no longer a public favourite. HAHA They were recently spotted at the same celeb party and Kim was seen 'mocking' Paris to her friends.

Paris was also pissed off because Kim got flown to the event in a private jet by the organisers and she didn't....aaaw diddums!

Jimmy Choo Zap Shoes >>>> So frickin HOT!


I sooooo wish I was rich right now, these beauts would be my first purchase

The Jimmy Choo Zaps or as they're more commonly known: the 'Light Ups'.........

By day they look lush but by night.....

The coloured plexi heels light up like a Christmas Tree as spotted above on Angela Simmons.

They will cost a Huuuuge £1495 from the Jimmy Choo website....ouch!

Friday, 20 August 2010

NEW VIDEO>>>>> Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj 'Bottoms Up'


Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj..... 'Bottoms Up' the official video.

Trey aka Mr Steal Your Girl ummmm hmmmm

But Nicki's part  is hands down THE BEST BIT!

Seems everyone is singing Nicki's praises; Trey Songz said of her in the collabo....
"Nicki Minaj does an excellent job. She comes in and does exactly what I got her on the record for. She comes in and she kills it. I wanted her to make the record different. I wanted her to take it to a different place and that’s exactly what she did. Even in the video, she made a major contribution … from her hair to her outfits to the way she raps and how theatrical she is in her delivery"

Video here....

Angela Simmons has Celllllllllyyyyy >>> full cellulite pics!


I'm not saying NO-ONE's got Cellulite but at 23, this is pretty bad....

Rev Run's daughter; Angela Simmons (who is also Bow Wow's gf) shows off her hot bod exercising.....

Images thanks to Media Takeout

must.go.to.the.gym !!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

NEW PICS >>> CIARA LOOKS HOT in Basic Instinct shots


Checkkkkkk out these new shots of Ciara looking damn FINE for her new album Basic Instinct's promo....


But wait, hang on.....where did those boobies come from?!

Soooo sick....

And my presonal favourite.... (I WANT this outfit)