Friday, 2 July 2010

Chris Brown gets freaky with a playboy model.... what about his girl?


Chris Breezy looks preeettttyyyy happy in this pic (the chick looks high as hell though!).
He was snapped partying the night away at the Playboy Mansion with one of the blonde playmates (and according to a source rubbing his face in her ginormous fake boobs?!)

Did you spot her 'outfit'? Here's a closer look just in case.....yakk

ok so anyway, there's 2 weirder things about the first photo....number 1: this was just 24 hours before he broke down on stage performing the MJ tribue at the BET Awards...hmmmm
And number 2: he has a girlfriend..... the beautiful US Model Jasmine Saunders:

Don't you think her face is quite Rihanna-ish?

Anyhoo....he recently tweeted these pics of the two together with the title 'ummmm'.

Neither Brown nor Jasmine have confirmed anything but I'm guessing she won't be too happy about these latest revelations!!


  1. she would get back shots

  2. a bitch is doing TOO MUCH in that second photo.

  3. Regardless of whether Chris says he has moved on he seems to be talking about Rihanna constantly in his songs. Check out the song "she ain't you" where he is with another girl and is thinking that she can never replace "you" and i am thinking this you is Rihanna.