Friday, 2 July 2010

New Music..... Rick Ross & Kanye + THAT VMA moment


'Live Fast, Die Young' is the first track to be leaked from Rozay's forthcoming album 'Teflon Don' which is due for release on 20th July.

The Def Jam labelmates joined forces to make a new song that is heavy. Can't wait for Ross's album.... it's barse time!

And it seems Kanye is making a 'comeback' if we can call it that? After the DISASTER that was 'Taylorgate' at the MTV Awards (you all remember when he jumped on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech and took the mic) he has kept a low profile and his mouth shut (thankfully). I'm guessing his hiatus is over, what with his new track 'Power' and now this.

Check out the track here....

There was one good thing about that night for hot his GF Amber Rose looked ;-) LUSH!

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  1. did you like the track with Rick and Kanye?