Friday, 2 July 2010

Victoria Beckham for..... RANGE ROVER wtf?!!!


Last night Range Rover celebrated its 40th Birthday with a few revelations....firstly, they launched their new model, the 'Evoque': a smaller, fancier version of the traditional Range Rover which will hit British markets in 2011.

Secondly...the bombshell (imo): they announced that their new Creative Design Exec will be none other than old POSH SPICE!!!! Errrrm???!!

VB's first role in the new job will be to design the interior of the exclusive 'Evoque'.... I'm thinking VB monograms and compartments to store ginormous shades?!

She says of the appointment:
"I am incredibly excited to be collaborating with Range Rover. I like to take on a challenge and I'm ready for it"

Whilst the Design Director for Range Rover said:
"Victoria understands luxury products......she is a Range Rover fan and has been a Range Rover owner for many years."

Errrm, I understand High Street Fashion, I am a huge fan of Topshop and I have owned Topshop clothing for years....does this mean I can become the Creative Design Exec for Toppers??! :-)

Yeh, thought not!!

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