Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rihanna looks HOT like Fiyahhhhhhh


New pics of Rihanna and her current fella Matt Kemp (the American baseballer).

Judging by these photos it's going well....a little too well perhaps?

US gossip sites are reporting that LA Dodgers fave Matt Kemp has been 'considerably under-performing' since his relationship with RiRi, getting only 1 home run in the last 22 games.

First Chris Brown went mental over the chick, then Drake goes straight soppy and writes a song about her saying she 'used him like a pawn' now Matt Kemp can't play ball because he's so loved up!! Go Ri Ri, got the guys going crazy! (Although I can see why....she looks A-MAZING right now, I am FEELING the pillar-box red hair).


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