Thursday, 1 July 2010

New vid....the line-ups like a who's who in Rap: 'All I Do Is Win' Remix


DJ Khaled's 'All I Do Is Win' Remix featuring Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz & T-Pain.

Video's crazy....Nicki kills it with this verse and she looks HOTTTTT.
Not so sure about Khaled rapping though?!

Fabo makes the cut of the vid but when the team performed the track at the BET Awards recently, he was sat in the audience....errrm?

Seems he was as confused as we were as to why he didn't get asked to perform with them, he tweeted:
He tweeted:

“My blackberry & Iphone must be f*cked up because I definitely didn't get the “All I Do Is Win remix” email or phone call. #Niceeeee”

and straight after:

“Wouldn't you feel away if u lose all 3 awards & they do a song performance with u, without u?...#MeNeither”

It's all love Fabo!

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