Thursday, 1 July 2010

Most powerful Celebs..... Forbes mag list


Forbes Mag have released their famous 'The Celebrity 100': a list of the world's Most Powerful Celebs.

Check out who ranks where......

Numero Uno.....QUEEN OPRAH! Who else?!

Number 2: BEYONCE!!!! One half of Hip Hop's biggest couple. Her L'oreal and Nintendo sponsorships, her tours and her clothing line : House of Dereon have secured Beyonce the number 2 spot. WOW.

Number 3: Avatar Director JAMES CAMERON

Number 4: LADY GAGA comes straight out of nowhere into the top 5.... that's MASSIVE!

Number 5: Despite his fall from the golden boy of golf to tabloid scandal favourite, TIGER WOODS retains the number 5 spot thanks to his sponsorships with Nike etc that ensure he remains the highest paid sportsperson in the world.....booooooooo!

Number 6: BRITNEY SPEARS is back yayyyyy! Did you know, her Circus tour last year was the 5th highest grossing tour in the WORLD....she still got it!!

Number 7: U2...the world's biggest (and highest earning) rock band.

Number 8: SANDRA BULLOCK....Oscar winner....stick that in ya pipe and smoke it Jesse!!!

Number 9: JOHNNY DEPP aka the Mad Hatter

Number 10: MADONNA she's slippin :-)

Check the full list here

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