Thursday, 1 July 2010

Festival Fashion pieces... get an idea of what to wear!!!


This season, it's all about bright colours, big prints, tassels, fringes and flats... :-)

I've selected a few cool items I've spotted on my browsing :-)

French Connection 'Marina Ink' playsuit...the colour is LUSH!

Buy it here for £55

River Island Peacock Shift Dress...BARGAIN!

 Buy it here for £15

River Island vintage style cropped bustier
Buy it here for £25

River Island bold print colourful and so Rihanna!

Buy them here for £22

Jelly Strap Sandals from comfy and bright!
 Buy them here for £20!!!!

Lipsy studded fringe waistcoat, part of the Pixie Lott range
Buy it here for £38

Toppers leopard cute and perfect to get sweaty / greasy hair out of your face!

Just £7.50, get it here

Lace bralet from Topshop HOTTTT pink!

Get it here for £22

Chiffon Rose Waistcoat, so cute from Topshop

Get it here for £28

Leopard Print denim hotpants from Topshop, sod the boring denim!!!

Get them here for £30

Fiasco High Leg Sandals from Topshop
Click here for £50 purchase :-)

There's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more but this should get you always, this is my PERSONAL taste.... you may hate it (although clearly, you'd be insane) or you may love it (well duh).

Jess x

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