Thursday, 8 July 2010

Kelis and Nas remain 'friends'


Kelis tells Us Magazine that everything's cool with her baby daddy Nas....

Back in happier times...

Here's how the interview went.....

The song "Brave" tackles your divorce from Nas. Was that song therapeutic for you to write?
"After [the split], everyone was like 'You are going through a rough time, you should write something personal.' I wear my feelings on my sleeve. The hardest decisions are the best ones and for me that was really the case. I am definitely better today than I was a year ago. And I'll be better next year."

So you get along with Nas now?
"Yeah everything's fine. We are divorced, but there is no point to fighting -- there is nothing to fight about. I am super happy; my life is awesome. We are friends, we get along now and it's all good."

Your son, Knight, is celebrating his first birthday on July 22. What are some of his recent milestones?
"He is hilarious! He claps, he snaps and he waves. He is a shrunken little person and has a lot of personality."

Do you think he'll follow in your footsteps and be a musician too?
"I don’t know. Whatever he does, I will be supportive and be a good mother. He does really have his own taste. He definitely jams!"

Listen to 'Brave' from her Fleshtone album here.....

Glad to hear there's no more beef....

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