Thursday, 8 July 2010



I HEART False Eyelashes..... what sad case doesn't??!

So I'm very excited about 'Eyelash Nights' taking place at Penthouse, Birmingham this Saturday celebrating all things EYELASH!!! The bolder, the better. The girl deemed to have the best lashes (real or fake, although I can't see why real lashes clogged in mascara would ever compare to some of the beauties I've found) takes home £50 Toppers vouchers... :-)
So to get you started, I've listed a few cool falsies for you to try......

Eyelure Vivid Lashes in 'Burning Bright'......

Golden leopard look with black spots, so cool!!!! and so Kelis!!! (go all out option)
Get them online here

Mac 42 Lash....

"Flash-a-lash! Long black lash blended with metallic gold strands. (The more restrained option)
Get them from Mac here

Diamante trim.....
Stargazer 'Diamante Black' lashes (the ladylike option)
Get them online here

Purple Flutter Eyes.....
Go purple and big.... (the drag queen option)
Get them online here

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