Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Game GOES IN on Kat Stacks..... it's all kickin off!!!!


Basically a hood rat with a fat ass who has become famous for 'shag and tell' stories of small and big name rappers.....
V airbrushed...

This was her drunk.....not a good look

She's come a long way from stripping (and worse?) to being a regular 'trending topic' on Twitter through her constant 'revelations' about a whole host of male rappers including (so far): Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Lil Twist, Jae Millz and since last night.....the Game.

Most of what she says is probably GARBAGE. I'm not going into detail about EVERYTHING as it would take all bloody day.......there's been videos she's posted of her baby daddy beating her, of her attempting suicide etc etc....this is one SERIOUSLY messed up chick. I actually feel sorry for her.

Recently, she's been making a name for herself by talking about the, she doesn't just talk about what happened between them, she GOES IN and disses the hell outta them!

There's also been a video doing the rounds (which has since been removed) of Bow Wow's people beating the sh*t out of her and making her admit what she said about him was not true (she said he was 'small' and crap in bed etc)
The boobs don't look so good grapefruits stuck on a stick?

Anyhoo....last night I was messing about on Twitter and saw her posting some harsh words to none other than The Game.... Here's some bits of the tweet war:

Kat Stack's posted:

With this pic.....
Actually Lol'd at that one....

Now it doesn't look like Kat made any comments suggesting she's been with Game and I'm not sure they've ever even met, she claims The Game started dissing her for no reason, here's some bits he tweeted last night:

WOW. Harsh.

IMO, this girl needs to CALM herself DOWN..... did she not learn her lesson after getting beat by Bow Wow's crew?? She seems to be very self destructive...someone get her some help! Where's her FRIENDS at.....and more to the point; SHE HAS A YOUNG SON.....FIX UP!!!

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