Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dave Chappelle 'freaks out' on a plane... uh oh.....


What the heck's goin on with Dave Chappelle?

TMZ and New York Daily News are reporting that Dave Chappelle had a bit of a mental moment aboard a private jet heading to Ohio (where he lives).

What is it with all these celebs having breakdowns?? hmmm

Apparently, during the flight Chappelle refused to put his seat belt on, repeatedly stormed into the cockpit and kept grabbing the pilot's arms, whilst he was flying the jet (nice move Dave)

His totally erratic behaviour got so much, that the pilot deemed him a 'safety risk' and made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh.

It doesn't end there.....

Chappelle then checked into a nearby hotel where he told staff he wanted to rent a car immediately to DRIVE back to Ohio but he couldn't remember where he lived.....errm ok.

Chappelle was then spotted wandering out of the hotel early this morning looking 'dazed and confused'.

Sounds to me like this guy needs help.....

Listen to what his 'rep' said....(I smell BS!!!)
"Dave really needed to use the restroom -- he ate something that didn't sit well -- and the bathroom on the plane was not the kind he needed."

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