Friday, 9 July 2010

Ciara's New album....check the artwork


Ciara's forthcoming album 'Basic Instinct' is apparently 'a return to form' for the booty bouncin crooner heading for release on 17th August in the US.

She told Rap Up mag....
“Now it’s time to go back, it’s time to throw on my sneakers, it’s time to just really get bossy for a couple of seconds,”

The artwork is hot...

Two tracks that will defo feature on it are:

'Ride' and 'Gimme That'

Gimme That is to be the next single.

Peep the vids here:
Ride....absolutely HEAVY

Gimme That....just audio


  1. i'm not sure how i feel about her and this new album yet.

  2. I love Ciara, but I too am not sure about the album, I think I'll wait to pass judgement until I've heard some more tracks from it which I will post in a blog for everyone else of course.
    She's not the stronges singer by a long shot, but there's defo something about her....she's got 'it' no?