Monday, 5 July 2010

Cheryl Cole collapses.... it was only a matter of time


Do you know how long I have been expecting something like this? It's a shame to see it though.....

Our fave Geordie lass Cherly Cole collapsed at a photo shoot for her new album over the weekend and doctors say she is suffering from 'severe exhaustion'

Apparently she has been working relentless 18 hours days since splitting with that pr*ck Ashley Cole which has lead to a rapid decline in her health (obvs).

 Sources at the shoot were stunned when the beauty arrived looking "washed-out" and "gaunt" :-(

Despite having high temp and nausea she insisted on going ahead with the shoot, but halfway through she collapsed to the floor and 'was out for a few seconds'.

A doctor was called the shoot in north London and has ordered her to rest. She has been forced to pull out of the X Factor auditions filming 'until further notice'.

Chez's album is set for release in October...get well soon girl

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  1. She definitely needs a LOT of hot dinners lol