Thursday, 8 July 2010

More KAT STACKS Shiz..... she's a LIAR!!?!!!


Just found some more hilarious Kat Stacks hype....

Mediatakeout reported a while back about a hacker that had got into Kat Stacks (aka Angele Herrera)'s e-mail account, check this out....
Incase you can't see it, here's some of the text:

From Kat: "I completely understand why you want to expose me, but there is more to this that you do not know, these celebrities pay me to make up these stories just to keep their names in the public mouth, indirectly I am helping them..." etc
So now she sayin the stars are ASKING her to start all this bs???

Somehow I think NOT.... nothing seems to stop this girl though, she's like a woman possessed (a US Jordan perhaps??!! haha)

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