Monday, 5 July 2010



So I spotted these super-sick foil nail thingys in a Sunday paper mag (and realised they already sell them on ASOS....I'm late). Basically, they are like thin foil sheets that stick onto your nail and last for ages. There is leopard print, gold chrome and loooaads more. They're CHEAP and soooooo cool. Check em out:

They describe themselves as:
Rebel nails are a self adhesive and flexible covering for your whole nail. They can be used on natural, acrylic and gel nails.
Rebel Nails will fit virtually any length, size or shape of finger nail or toe nail.

Other styles:

go the website here to order
They are all about £6 a pack.....bargain! No need to visit a nail salon for those tacked out stencil designs anymore!!!!


Another brand of foil nails are Blixz. They are available on Amazon for a slightly more expensive cost at £10. The gold chrome ones are soooooo lush....think Nicki Minaj in the 'Massive Attack' vid :-)

They come huge so you can cut them to any size. 

Order them from Amazon here

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