Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bow Selecta..... the cutest accessories ever...


I was searching for images of Kelis and her DJ (Nikki Beatnik) on Alan Carr's 'Chattyman' when I stumbled across these little beauties....

One Off Pink Ribbon....BOW are a small design shop that create hand made, one off designs of cute, kitsch and fun little accessories for girls AND guys!

Nikki Beatnik rocked a hair Bow on the show....peep her here in the background (HOW COOL!!!)

Here are some of the gorge accesory pieces they do including rings, earrings, bracelets and hair pieces....

And they even do bow ties for the guys!!!

This one is so Andre 3000.......

They are all reasonably priced and totally retro!!!

Click here for the website

And check out some more pics of Kelis on Chattyman.....I loved her nail varnish (one hand all blue with a red pinky and the other hand vice versa)

Her dress was lush too.....and the earrings :-)

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