Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Amber Rose & Reggie Bush????


Oh LA.....another day, another party and this time Kim K's ex seems to be muscling in on Kanye's ex...this could get gritty....

Now, tell me this pic don't look like he's flirting......

Kim Kardash says her split from American footballer Reggie Bush was completely mutual and amicable. (aren't they all??!!!) and now it seems he's moving on....(up?)

He was spotted at a party in the US 'flirting' and being very 'touchy-feely' with another hot female....Amber Rose (my girl crush).

Both Kim and Amber are famous for their celeb boyfriends really, let's be honest. This is definitely something to keep Amber in the public eye....

Meanwhile.....Kim K seems to be moving on herself....there's rumours she is now dating Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin.

Celebs move waaay too fast man....

All we need now is Kanye and it could really get interesting!!!


  1. Its reggie BUSH!!!! not yates lol stil luv ur blog though keep it up!xx

  2. Ahahaha Oh gaarrrd I'm sucha 'tard! When I think of Reggie I automatically think of Yates lol. At least it's proof that I don't just copy and paste other websites :-)
    Thanks for noticing (and reading!!) I think I'll amend it now HA! x