Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Alicia Keys talks about her love for Swizzy


News Of The World's 'Fabulous' Mag have done an interesting interview with Alicia Keys where she actually discusses her personal life, something she is normally VERY guarded about.....(understandably so considering over the past year she's been labelled a 'home-wrecker' by her soon-to-be baby Daddy's ex wife) check out some of the key parts below...

On Swizz beats....
"I am very much in love. Right now love is my main inspiration. Love is the one thing we all want in our lives and I am completely surrounded by it."

On Mashonda (Swizzy's ex wife who has repeatedly bad mouthed Keys via Twitter)...
"Oprah Winfrey is the wisest woman I know. She’s like my big, clever, older sister. A while ago she gave me one piece of advice which was to never get drawn into talking about that sort of thing. All I know is that right now my life is really, really good.”

On Fame......
"No one warns you how hard it is to adjust to fame. Things happen, you find yourself becoming a person you don’t recognize and then you have to get back to who you were. I changed the people around me and changed the way I worked. I’d had this great career but I had no life, I needed to get my life back. I learned to meditate and I told everyone I needed time off every few weeks in my diary. It’s working."

Can't see the attraction in Swizzy myself, maybe he's just really good in bed?!!!!! ;-)

Read the full interview here at Fabulous Mag

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