Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What's up with Foxy? :-(


A US gossip site has been reporting some disturbing news about the ledge that is Foxy Brown.

Backtrack: Now I have always been a Huuuuuuuuuge fan of Foxy and I've always rated her over Lil Kim. One of my all time fave albums is Broken Silence.....

But recently she seems to have gone AWOL from the music scene. She leaked a track called 'Let Em Know' back in Feb this year which dissed Lil Kim (as usual) but also mentioned Jigga.
She rips the piss out of Kim for her appearance on 'Dancing With The Stars' (and quite rightly so, I mean what the hell is 'the Queen of HIP HOP doing on that tack show?!)

“I’d rather be in the club at the bar/Then go disrespect my hood, by dancing with the stars… I’m BK’s Don Diva, give the whole hood face lifts/G’wan I fix your face bitch.”

She goes on to dimiss rumors about her involvement with Rick Ross, Nas, and AZ but DOES confirm the involvement with Jigga
“The streets talking, got the hood going crazy/Niggas heard I fucked with Ross and had the nigga baby/They said I fucked with Nas and now they say it’s AZ/But on the low, the real nigga was Jay-Z.”

She then goes in on a few other female rappers:
“I cancel all you broads, dismantle all you broads/Stomp a print in my Miu Miu sandals on you broads/Slap a bitch on her back like I’m John Cena/Fuck that, I ain’t Eve, I ain’t Kim, I ain’t Trina.”

Check the full song here:

And now Lil Kim has reportedly signed to RocNation....I'm guessing Fox is gona go in HAARRRRRD on the pair of them on her new album (whenever that comes out?!)

Always drama in the Fox B camp eh!

Anyhooooooo, in more recent news, a gossip site 'source' says that Foxy was spotted around 1am Monday morning in her hometown Brooklyn with two men drinking and smoking and blasting some bashy (all ok til now right?).....
Well the source said, and I quote:

Apparently, Fox has gained 30-40 pounds (around 3 stone....holy F**K what did she EAT?!) she had with a head scarf with GREASY weave that was so thin you could see her scalp.....SMH

She looked disorientated, eyes rolling in her head and she was screaming at anyone that tried to talk to her.

Now, this is just GOSSIP....and I truly hope the 'source' was exaggerating.....I would love to see Fox come back and smash it like she used to....checking her Twitter, all seems ok....lets hope so.

Get her on twitter here
Jess x

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