Friday, 18 June 2010

Fressssssssshhh Kicks for Summer

Summer's here (as I look outside it's sunny but tomorrow it could be pissing it down). But hey ho, it's the time of year when I get on the hunt for some FRESH new kicks. Now for me, it's all about the High Tops....Converse or Nike ONLY (imo). Although, I'm kinda feelin the Vans too....

I've been browsing (whilst busy at work) to find some of the best new styles...feast your eyes on these badboys:

Even Rihanna likes the hi-tops :-)

Vandal High's

Dunk High iD's

Sweet Classic High's

Dunk High's

Air Morgan Mid iD's

Go to Nike Online here all the above are less than 50 squid too :-)

Even better than that, is something A-MAZING: Nike iD where you can customise your kicks youself for a completely unique design: Click here to go to the iD section online and get designing :-) I like mine BRIGHT, colourful and attention seeking, just like me woi oi. HA!

This pair of CONVERSE are bad ass.....

The Clash 'London's Calling' High tops.....

You can get them online here along with loads of other styles.

VANS...only the slip ons will do :-)

Checkerboard Slip ons
A whole heap of different styles at the Van Store here

Perfect for Festival Season...go grab a pair. I'd love to see what beauty's you buy.....send me a pic here, I'll post it to the blog!


Jess xx

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