Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tenny Ten got the swagerrrr, Mark Fast For Topshop + Kelis Mixtape FREE download.....


Tenny Ten aka Ten Shott: Swaggnificent

Yessss he's about to BLOOOWWWWW!!! And I have been tellin' everyone this for tiiiiime!

Straight outta Wolves, lyrically and charismatically he is one of the best in the UK, I'm tellin ya! He's just finished a tour with Mr Hudson and before that Chipmunk (so you can see the levels). Check out his new track 'Swaggnificent' which is released THIS SUNDAY 20th JUNE! SUPPORT UK TALENT AND GO BUY IT!!!!!

There is a Crazy Cousins remix of this track doing the rounds, 1 word HEAVY, a few more words; can someone hook me up?! :-)

For real though, we're proud of you round 'ere Tenny....always got ya back!
And see the pics here for an ooooollld i/v yours truly did with him a while back....before it all kicked off!!!  

Check Tenny on Twitter here or Facebook here

KELIS MIXTAPE 'The Evolution Of Kelis' >>>>>> FREE DOWNLOAD

So the album 'Fleshtone' is out now and it's fairly electro / dancey, which is cool and everything but if you want to hear Kelis a bit more RAW (think of her 'I Hate You So Much Right Now' days) then you neeeeed to download this mixtape.....

Download it for frreeeeeee here


Mark Fast for Topshop.....
Hitting stores June 25th and I canni bloody WAIT! Mr Fast caused a big stir at London Fash Week by putting plus size models down his runway show (I love him for it..) and I can see why, his SS10 badboy dresses were made for CURVES!
Check out a couple images from his LFW show.... (hmm, the girl in the pink looks suspiciously NOT plus sized, lush are the dresses?!)

His collection for Topshop will consit of 5 pieces...4 dresses at £150 each and a skirt at £85....ok so a tad pricey but beaut none-the-less! 
Here they are for you to dribble over....if you want one, get in there QUICK because I reckon it won't take long to sell out....then you'll be left searching ebay and crying when your frienemee posts a pic pof themselves wearing it on fb :-) The black crochet one-shouldered version is MINE!!!


Jess x


  1. Jesssssssssss the dresses are ALOT! Wowzers.. The black one is deffo you.. !

  2. loving your blog ;-)