Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Some INTERESTING BET photos... aftershow, red carpet and backstage


Nicki Minaj even got Diddy acting like the 'hired help'.....

Yes that's REALLY Diddy
Now, after reading 'Keep The Faith' (Faith Evan's autobiog) where she portrays Diddy as the hard working, hard talking superstar music mogul that he is; makes me wonder just WHAT Miss Minaj has goin on that makes everyone want to look after her....from Drake backing her on stage in the Lil Kim beef to this!

Other Pics:
Barbs! and little does Nikci look?!
For more of the same backstage pics peep the photographer's website:

There was a big BET afterparty, here's some pics....

Trey Songz and his MOM!!!! Yes his MOM! I'll have what she's having!!!
Trey Songz and Janelle Monae....look how iddy biddy she is!!! Love the jacket too.
TI and Jannelle Monae bussin a lil skank!

Lola Monroe + Rosa cool is the pink dress + earring / necklace beabed combo!

More Red Carpet Pics from the event....

Ashanti wows in red floorlength

Brandy...does this girl not age?!

She had cream harems on with this barely there boob's aiiight, glad she's lookin a little more feminine now anyway.

Travis Barker and his cute it

Chilli...not keen on the straight blonde do....bring back the black curly natural look

Keyshia Cole....hmmm

Lauren London....I know she's just had a baby but this is a little frumpy for her

Jess x

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