Wednesday, 2 June 2010

'On a roll like arctic' :-)


I have to start with what could quite possibly be the sickest shoes I have ever seen, check out these bad boys from British designer Nicholas Kirkwood.....I could cry I want them so much! Retailing at £900 I think I may have to sell a kidney......
Hurry up Topshop and do a high street copy!!

River I in cool clothes shocker?!!! .....
Kelis took some time out from raping ex hubby Nas's wallet to model the new River Island Graduate Fashion Week designs recently. I have been pleasantly surprised by RI's grad range, I'm not a huge fan of River usually, it's kinda tack sometimes. But this range is HOT! Every item was created by designers from Graduate Fashion Week who have been head-hunted and now work solely for River.
I reckon Kelis was a good choice of model....she's got the whole kitsch trendy look goin on.....

My fave items are the lacy shorts (Yup yup Biddy boo!) and this Hawaiian print jacket....soooo cool and defo an item I'll be getting for the cool nights in Ibiza!!!


Erykah's men.....
So I've had a few people ask me if Erykah is still with late are you lot?! That was like so 2001! So, just to clarify: Erykah is currently dating rapper (another one?!) Jay Electronica and has been for the past 5 years. Miss B recently gave birth to their daughter Mars in 2009. Now, Erykah seems to make a habit of having babies with rappers....Andre 3000 is babyfather numero uno (their son Seven was born in 97), and Dallas Rapper The D.O.C is bf number 2 to daughter Puma. Looks like Common had a lucky escape!!

Check the (currently) happy couple out: cute no?

For those who don't know, Jay Electronica is awesome!! Check out his most well-known track 'Exhibit C' produced by Just Blaze here:

And download his current mixtape here


The self certified 'best rapper alive' joins forces with Hip Hop's hottest property right now on 'Light Up' from Drizzy's 'Thank Me Later' album. Now I am a huge Hova fan and IMO (in my opinion, come on, keep up!) this is one of his best verses to date! He murders the track!

Here' a couple of lines to whet your appetite.....
"And to these n***as I'm like Windows 7, you let em tell it, they swear they invented you"
"I once was, cool as the Fonz was, but these bright lights turned me to a monster"


Bringin' in the Green......
My second recommendation comes in the form of UK Rapper Pro Green. I first came across this dude back in the days of Jump Off at the Mean Fiddler.....we're talkin 04 / 05. Pro became the most successful battle rapper that graced the Jump Off Stage merking victims left, right and centre! He went on to beat Phi Life Cypher in the UK Championships to qualify for his place in the Power Summit in the Bahama's....he repped UK to the FULLEST and even though he didn't win, it kicked off his career perfectly.

Get some jokes from one of his battles, hilar!!!

He's now signed to Virgin Records and looks set to blow up.....'I Need You Tonight' was a big track but THIS is even better.....Lily Allen joins him to remake one of my favourite EVER tunes.....usually I HATE re-makes with a PASSION but this one I adore....cop it from 5th July, check it:

So stay tuned and spread the word homies! Get at me:

Ciao for now,

Jess xx

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