Monday, 28 June 2010

Nike goes all 'designer' friendly.....


Trainer faves Nike have collaborated with six up and coming designers to customise the famous N98 track jacket. The designers were each given a famous British athlete to use as their muse. 
The names included: Tim Soar, Katie Eary, Felder Felder and Hannah Marshall.

My favourite is the image above, how cool is the print pattern!
Designer: Julian J Smith    
Athlete:  Jodie Williams

Other nice ones are: the black shoulder pad version with slit elbows, you would NOT think this was Nike would you?!
Designer: Hannah Marshall
Athlete: Charlotte Purdue

Designer: Felder Felder
Athlete: Ashlee Nelson

And for the guys.....I am loving this tribal / african print version:

Designer: SIBLING
Athlete: Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

Unfortunately, they are not for sale but they are on exhibition from July 22 at 1948, Nike Sportswear's concept store, great....NOT....SELL THEM FOR GODSAKE NIKE!!!!


Jess x

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