Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Video: Ciara 'Gimmie Dat' She's BACK!


If, like me, you loved Ciara's Goodies anmd 1,2 Step vids from a few years back then you'll love her new Vid 'Gimmie Dat' it's all about the DANCING!

She is without doubt, the best dancer in the scene, hands DOWN!

I love the styling...it's ghetto fab. I think she's lost weight though do you?

You remember the 'fly' outfit pics we posted a while ago....this is where it's from!

Does the Warehouse footwork look like Janet's 'Rhythm Nation'?

She looks SICK!

The stoooopid annoying people at Vevo won't allow the vid to be embedded yet.
Here's the official teaser:

Or click this URL to go to the only full length version I can find!

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