Wednesday, 27 October 2010

B2K member accuses MARQUES HOUSTON of sexually molesting him...DISTURBING CONTENT OVER 18's ONLY

Remember Raz B from B2K?

He is claiming that Marques Houston:

And his former manager Chris Stokes (manager of Marques Houston when he was in IMX AND B2K) sexually molested him... when he was a CHILD.
Here is Raz B and Chris Stokes back in 2007 when the allegations first surfaced...

Back in 2007, Raz B went to Police to cliam that Chris Stokes was molesting him, making him shower with members of IMX and worse.
However, Raz then released a video of him apologising for saying such things and that it wasn't true.
He has since gone on to say he feared for his life and was FORCED to make the 'apology' tape.

3 years on he's talking again, and this time he's saying Marques Houston was also involved: that Houston would force anal sex from the young Raz whilst Stokes watched.

Raz B took to his twitter and asked his followers to write in to Oprah so that he could share his story of being molested by his former manager Chris Stokes and singer Marques Houston.

Last week, Raz B released another video as proof that he was molested. In the disturbing video, he is on the phone with Quinton Tarver (who was another artist under Chris Stokes management). Quinton was one of the first to come out and say he was molested by Chris Stokes before he was eventually silenced. In the video, he tells Raz B that Marques Houston made him bleed while Chris Stokes watched. The two then compared notes on the furniture in the room that they were molested in as well as what Marques man parts looked like (foreskin and moles).

I don't even know what to say....

Chris Stokes has 'vehemently denied' the reports and says it is devastating to his wife and children.

Watch the video here (not advised, evidence as it is)


  1. Wouldnt surprise me to be honest!!! ppl + money = Think they can do what they want

  2. Marques Houston really is gay (This may be gay)
    2008-05-29 22:08:00
    I read some interesting things about Marques ina thread called "Marques Houston & Chris Stokes werecaught French Kissing" on Lipstick Alley.Wanna hear it? Here it go:Well it's sad to say, but Chris Stokes turned MarquesHouston out years ago. And that BS you saw on Cribs with"Marques' red and black room"..plllleeeease! Marques andChris have lived and slept in the same room same bed waybefore they moved out into the houses in Diamond Bar(which by the way were purchased with B2K's moneyalthough all of the houses are in Marques' name).Chris and Marques argue and interact like husband and wife.I'll let you guess which one is wifey!Marques Houston's song "Pop That Booty" is notan R-Kelly track like they want everyone to believe.When R. Kelly did the Clubbin remix, he email the trackto Platinum Status (TUG's production company).Marques uploaded all of R's sounds, stole R. Kelly's soundsoff of an MP3 file, created a beat and tried to pass it off as anR. Kelly track

  3. WOW thanks for the info! Can't believe it! I think Houston has gone out of his way to publicly show his relationships with women perhaps in an ott attempt to hide his real sexuality. That's not what bothers me, it's the whole Raz B story and him forcing himself onto a child (at the time). It seems it may all stem from Stokes? and what's even more discturbing is the fact that Stokes has kids of his own :/
    Thank for reading guys x

  4. The story i believe is true cause why would demario put himself through such a crisis if it weren't true i mean im pretty sure he hid it because he was scared to let it out but after a while poor thing probably felt like he had to let it be known to someone and that he did but he knew that all this denial and stuff would come so why put himself through that if it weren't true thats why i know it is