Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mario arrested for assaulting his mama.. SMH


Actual mug shot.....

Who would've thunk it eh?!

According to TMZ, Mario was arrested and released on $50,000 bail for 2nd degree assault on his MOM!!! Who he shares an apartment with in Baltimore (jeez he 24 and still living with his moma?!
Mario's mum called the police saying he was going mad.... she said he smashed up their aprtament and thre her “eight feet into a living room wall, where she hit her head on the wall.” WTF?!

It's always been a weird mother-son relationship...

In 2007 Mario made a documentary with MTV called “I Won’t Love You to Death,” where he allowed cameras to film his mom trying to beat her HEROIN addiction.

Ai Ai Ai...who says money can buy you happiness ay?! :-(

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