Saturday, 21 August 2010

Kim Kardashian New Bikini Calendar pic + Paris Hilton Beef


Kim Kardash put this pic of herself oiled up in a bikini as her profile pic on Twitter saying it would be up for one day only and it's a sneak peek from her 2011 calendar....

Is it just me or does this not even look like her at all?

Oh well, she still looks AmAzing....

In other news.....
Kim K and Paris Hilton have been best friends for yeaaaars UNTIL Kim got famous and like, totally stole Paris's thunder LOL.

Apparently the frienemies are not currently speaking because Paris is so jealous of Kim's meteoric rise to fame and the fact that she herself is no longer a public favourite. HAHA They were recently spotted at the same celeb party and Kim was seen 'mocking' Paris to her friends.

Paris was also pissed off because Kim got flown to the event in a private jet by the organisers and she didn't....aaaw diddums!

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  1. that does nto look like Kim at all i had to look closely zoom in and all and still cant see kim!! but yh she looks good!!