Friday, 20 August 2010

Angela Simmons has Celllllllllyyyyy >>> full cellulite pics!


I'm not saying NO-ONE's got Cellulite but at 23, this is pretty bad....

Rev Run's daughter; Angela Simmons (who is also Bow Wow's gf) shows off her hot bod exercising.....

Images thanks to Media Takeout !!


  1. Wow you guys are assholes for posting this everyone has that even guys so get a fucking life and stop hating on her.

  2. oh! je ne savais pas que bow wow aime la cellulite! Franchement, moi, ce n'est pas mon truc... Mort de rire

  3. what the hell, so whats the problem you people are really sad

  4. too bad that looks like an allergic reaction.. maybe hives