Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kat Stacks shows video exposing Soulja Boy's coke habit


Kat Stacks aka the number 1 groupie is at it again and this time it could be the ruining of SOULJA BOY....

World Star Hip Hop have posted a video filmed by Kat on her phone of her and Soulja Boy in his hotel and him TAKING COKE.... not cool Soulja Boy. Or as Fabolous tweeted 'Stupid bow swag' haha

When will these rappers learn NOT TO mess with this chick?!

Watch the video here...

The Twitter world has gone mad with the news, Kat Stacks is number 1 trending topic, Soulja Boy tweeted this:

Fabolous, who's had his own run ins with Kat Stacks tweeted the following:

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