Monday, 13 September 2010

MTV VMA pics! PART 1... White Carpet pics


So it all went down last night in the US and here in the UK we get to see it tonight (Monday 13th) at 8pm on MTV (duh), but here's a lil taster of some of the hilarious, beautiful and downright WEIRD (Lady G) outfits from the WHITE carpet (tres chic) and inside!

First Katy Perry went with the bright blue wig, now she's gone ghetto fab with the black and pink Nivea (remember her?) well Lil Wayne's mrs seems to think Katy has completely copied her look and even went on twitter to complain about it....GET OVER YOURSELF NIVEA, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY CHICK TO EVER HAVE MULTI-COLOURED HAIR!!! (come down Tropical Harmony in Wolves one'll soon see! lol)

Lady GaGa's arrival outfit was fairly restrained for her...(don't worry, it gets worse...see Part 2)
She's gone down the multi-coloured hair route too! I like, she looks pretty!
Check out her 'staff' hmmm


Ke$ha scrubs up well!!!...
Check out the Avatar tail lol

Drake <3

Selena Gomez, love this dress!

Justin Timberlake...don't you think he looks like the teacher in Glee?!



Check out Part 2 for more...!

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